The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency HTV-6 cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station on Dec. 13, 2016 and is seen here at the end of the station’s robotic arm after its successful capture.

Credit: NASA TV

It may not be a sleigh driven by a jolly old elf, but a Japanese cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station today (Dec. 13) to make a Christmas delivery to the outpost’s six-person crew.

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s robotic H-II Transfer Vehicle 6, or HTV-6, was captured by station astronauts using a robotic arm at 5:37 a.m. EST (1037 GMT). A few hours later, the cargo ship and its nearly 5 tons of supplies were attached to a berthing spot for unloading later. It is JAXA’s sixth unmanned cargo delivery to the station using its HTV Kounotori vehicles(the name means “white stork”).

“Beautiful,” NASA astronaut and station commander Shane Kimbrough wrote of the delivery in a Twitter post after the rendezvous, which he called a great example of international teamwork. Kimbrough also snapped a stunning photo of the HTV-6 on approach to the space station. [Watch Japan’s HTV-6 Launch Into Space]